Social Media Marketing

If you are not involved in social media marketing you are not in the game; plain and simple.  Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn are all social media marketing tools, and when tailored to meet your target market, they can prove to be invaluable.

Social media marketing, however, can also be detrimental when the message is negative. Companies are unable to control the content on the Internet, therefore they must be very careful with respect to service and treating the customer right.  Negative word-of-mouth through social media marketing can tarnish a company’s reputation, as consumers look to each other for reviews on their experiences.  This is the groundswell trend, and it is not just a fad!

The following guidelines should be considered when using social media marketing:

  • choose carefully and make sure that you are targeting the group of customers that you want to target!
  • ensure all social media channels are aligned and consistent with the image you want to portray
  • be active and take the lead in communicating!
  • do not bore your readers!  Ensure that there is a creation of interest and don’t worry about being professional!  Find out what your customers want to talk about by listening to them.
  • be honest and humble!

Relationships are everything.  People are connecting with each other in ways they never have before, and they are doing so on a global scale.  People are connecting with ease and at no expense.  It is imperative that corporations take advantage of this and get ahead of the game.

Personally, I have used social media marketing in the past only to build relationships with my friends.  While traveling, Facebook was an invaluable tool.  I was able to update my friends and family with my status changes and photos, and keep up with their lives while halfway around the world.

In the last month, I have seen how much more I can do with social media marketing.  I realize that I am able to sell myself; I can connect with people in the community and actively seek employment.  I recently signed up for LinkedIn and have used it to let the world know that soon I will be graduating and seeking career opportunities!

With the creation of this blog site, I will be able to give prospective employers an insight as to what my identity is.  How fantastic will it be to have the opportunity to include my blog address on my resume, so that prospective employers can gain an understanding of who I am!

I am very excited about the future of social media marketing.  It is a trend that is not going to go out of style any time soon and we need to take full advantage of the opportunities that it will provide us with, both personally and professionally!


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