Consistency is the Key! Louis Vuitton is Brilliant!

Oh Louis - I love you!

Integrated marketing communications. What does THAT mean you ask?

It means ensuring that all of your company’s marketing mediums are consistent in the message that they are trying to convey. Take Louis Vuitton for example. From the stores, to the website, and from products to packaging…you can see that care has been taken in providing one of the most luxurious top-quality products in the world. The packaging has become an important part of the image and is so consistent with the brand that customers actually collect the boxes! Louis Vuitton has done an amazing job with brand recognition and brand equity.

Brand equity describes the value of having a well-known brand name. Louis Vuitton has definitely accomplished this. Customers are willing to pay the extra dollar for a luxurious brand, knowing that a Louis handbag creates an image of class and wealth and luxury. Louis Vuitton excudes enhanced quality; customers know that owning a Louis handbag is an investment and that it will last forever. Women around the world (and men too) spend significant amounts of money to achieve their ideal image by owning a Louis. Louis Vuitton is a trusted brand and exudes the classiness of Paris!

Part of the reason for Louis Vuitton’s success is consistency. Check out their website: Louis Vuitton. Upon entering you can see tell that this is a high-end brand. There are classy models advertised, which are consistent with the classy models and celebrities in magazine ads. There are also photos that show the gorgeous buildings in Paris, creating the image of high Paris fashion. They do not use television commercials or radio to advertise, as Louis Vuitton is seen as more of a high-end unique product that not just everyone can own. The website logos and colors are consistent with the stores and products. Advertising is mainly done through billboards and magazine ads, and through the use of celebrities. The use of celebrities to promote the brand has been extremely successful. Even Olympic gold medalist swimmer Michael Phelps was a face for Louis! Check it out:

From logos, colors, stores, packaging, magazine ads, facebook, twitter and their websites – Louis Vuitton has created brand equity and has succeeded at an integrated marketing strategy!

I am happy to report I own 4 Louis handbags and three scarves. They are my faves and I love the way they make me feel! Now THAT is a good brand! Oh Louis how I love you!


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