Cute as can BEE! Dazee is Famous!

Fall is my favorite time of year. The colors of the leaves on the trees are gorgeous and the air is crisp and cool.

As soon as September 21st arrived I decorated my house in fall décor (owls, leaves, pumpkins, and scarecrows). This year I also decided to decorate my dog.

With Halloween just around the corner I decided that Dazee could use a costume.

I had seen costumes in a few stores but nothing prepared me for the selection at PetSmart. Spider, Buzz Lightyear, Cheshire Cat, Eeyore, Big Bird, Bumblebee, Monkey and Bunny costumes are only a few of the adorable selections available. Not to mention the Halloween toys for our furry friends (which are currently on sale I might add)!

The great thing about PetSmart is that you can take your pet into the store to try on the costumes. I have purchased sweaters and jackets for Dazee in the past and the sizing can vary so this is an important option. Plus, the staff at PetSmart is always friendly and helpful and love to partake in helping your pet try on their cute costumes.

This Halloween Dazee will be a Bumblebee and she looks absolutely adorable. The quality of the costume is top notch and the price was extremely affordable. The costume is soft and sparkly and she will be the cutest, best-dressed little bee on the block!

To see Dazee’s famous photo shoot please click here.



2 thoughts on “Cute as can BEE! Dazee is Famous!

  1. I love it. She was so cute in the post. Your neighbourhood will be ‘buzzing’ about her costume 😉 I couldn’t resist.

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